Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i broke out my flip flops today--beautiful!


1) Here is the B&B Feature final copy from last week's Vox. I was very happy with the way it turned out. I think it will make such a great portfolio piece for me. According to yesterday's critiques the class thinks so as well. This was the piece in my portfolio that had the most votes over anything. I think it was a great learning experience about organizing a lot of lists and material. I'll take a lot away from this experience. 
2) The second thing I was really working on this week was my Meredith stuff. I am working on a team called Mix and the publishing group's idea and point is to be energetic and exciting to the young and new cook. It's supposed to be a magazine for all cooks of all different skill levels. I tried to take as much from their mission statement and turn it a good design. Here is the designs for my presentation that was presented on Monday. The publishing groups still hasn't made up their mind so who knows what their thinking! haha

I don't want to be an editor. Let me say this again, I will never ever ever be an editor! EVER! Just purely taking that editing test made me want to poke my eyes out. Worse than writing. At least there is a part of me that enjoys a specific kind of writing. However, editing, do not care, do not want to perform ever. I will be the happiest peach in the entire world if you will give me a lovely written/edited piece to make look beautiful on a layout for, but please don't ask me to edit it. EVER! 

However, in my rant about how much I hate editing I would like to say how great of a professor Jennifer Rowe is. I can say that without ridiculously brown nosing because she doesn't read this! But I would like to send out into the world that even though I hate the subject, if I were ever to teach in my future, I would hope to be as great as a professor as her because however awful the subject is, she is dedicated to the subject and to her students. (I am sure that had comma errors in those two paragraphs but I DON'T CARE!)

I wasn't certain what to write about this week because I hadn't come across anything specific to write about in the last week. So, literally I went to google and typed in "new design." This site came up called "new design".

So I started searching on it and on the home page is a bunch of images of designed beach huts. It says above it that in their 63rd issue they asked for a bunch of people to design a simple beach hut and this is what they came up with. I thought it was a fun example about how every designer could be given the same task and each one would come up with something different. Very cool. Very interesting. 
So once again my blog has not written anything new so I decided to once again look back into it's old posts. I came upon an entry about the Steven Colbert cover of Esquire. He made some snide remark about how in Esquire's 75th year they are intent on proving that they are not as good as they used to be and this cover says it all. I have to say I highly disagree. I like this cover and I think it is a great satire. It is fun and plays on the old cover which I think is great. I don't know, Maybe I am not as good as those high and mighty critiques who think they're the kings, but I like this! So boo them!  What do you think? 


  1. Annie,

    Your escape route piece is breathtaking. Great combination of stock imagery with headline/blurb. Also, the logos used throughout the package are great. You really incorporated the theme throughout the package. Definitely a great portfolio piece.

  2. Annie, you did some great work this week. Your feature spread in Vox is a valuable clip not only because of its lovely splash page design but also as a service piece/chunky type treatment. The ability to format text in a hierarchy and understandable organization is very important and useful, as you are all learning. I also liked your Mix logo and your department pages. Remember the discussion we had last Thursday about paying attention to the little things like spacing between elements and respect for the text. Keep up the good work. Love, Meredith (the TA, not the project.)