Wednesday, February 18, 2009

even the soles of my uggs are starting to get thin

1) Well Sunday I finished (mostly) my first feature for Vox. Meredith and I did some more work on it over the week but I unfortunately forgot to go get the final product off of the server, so the photo will come a little later. I had a lot of fun designing it and am happy with the way it turned out. It's crazy to me that five weeks ago I had no published clips and now I have three or four. I love it.

2) Monday I met with Jan and talked about my ideas for the Meredith project. Here are my first ideas of logos and first attempt at a cover. The logo on the cover is the basic concept I am going to go with, but minus the fork and knife. With those two it is all too literal, which I think a lot of my logo ideas were because that is first place I go. However, I have specific vision now and I am excite to work it out this weekend. 

3) Tuesday I gave a presentation on Allen Hurlburt's time at Look magazine. 

This was by far my favorite spread. The way he used these images on this spread were pretty fantastic. I don't think most people would pick that picture to be the dominant photo and then also run it that big, but it looks stunning. It tells the whole story with the other pictures on the side and is very aesthetically pleasing. 

4)I am also in the cover group this week and turned in my first edits of the "Best Time to do Stuff" cover. It was a little hard at first to come up with ideas but just tried to sent down and create a different cover each day. I wanted to try and make three different covers because the last time I presented my first edits were all pretty similar. Obviously there are similarities but I think I did better this time with my first edits. We'll see what they say tomorrow afternoon. 

5) I am also working on my website but don't really have much to show for it. It's been one crazy crazy week and to be completely honest I having some serious creative block. I don't know what direction I even want to go with. I think my mind has been so cluttered this week I haven't even been able to give it real thoughts. I'm most of the time a glass half full person, fun, and bubbly. I want to be able to speak that through my website without it looking little kid-ish or immature. So that is my current state. 

Before each person in class gave their history presentation this week, Jan asked us all to say our full names and what we want to be when we grow up. It was great to hear everyone's answers. It's funny to realize that even though we all say we want to be graphic designers, there are so many aspects and careers with in our field. While most said they wanted to be a graphic designer, each said something a little different on top of that every time. Me, personally, I am not sure how to label myself. I don't think I have got it all figured out yet. The only thing I do know is that I am thoroughly enjoying designing for a magazine and if someone would like to pay me to do that, LET ME KNOW! I am in!

Well it might be a little repetitive to speak about accessories again in the my design world section, but I have a timely reason. Last weekend for Valentine's Day my fiance got me a new purse. I was very impressed by his choice and I was thrilled. I don't have the money to buy fun things like this for myself. The design of the purse is fun, sexy, loud, lovely and bubbly. Good decision Matt!

Once again there are no new posts on his site but I went back a few posts and found this magazine joke...

Did you hear that Maxim and Yoga Journal had a baby?

bud-dum-shh! hehe


  1. Annie,

    I really like your mix logo with the fork and knife. I think that white space on either side of it would really help, maybe don't bleed the photo at the top?

    Also, your covers for tomorrow are great. I think the clock arms should be at different times that give the readers some more information. The last one is great to. It would interesting to experiment with the type to put it at the same angle as the clock. You might try the bevel and extrude tool in Illustor. Great job this week!

  2. Hi miss annie!
    I love your ideas for MIX! I especially like your third logo design with the steam coming out of the "i"...although I am not positive it compliments your project as well as the one with the fork and knife. You have brought a creative new style to this project, great job!
    (p.s. i think you should blog about your fabulous betsy johnson bag.....)

  3. I like your cover idea for MIX, although I think it's a little busy. I agree with Phil that a little white space at the top might help the logo but I like the concept overall. It's definitely a hard process to find the right bottle of wine to go with a certain meal, and I think this cover conveys that. Good job!

  4. AH! yeah, that's right! My main comment about your logo for your website -- memorable and great! Serioulsy, who is going to forget someone with the initials AH, as well as some killer design skills an... even if you are getting married - I suggest you stick with AH!____ and like flip the typography if your last name initial changes. Just a thought, but don't get scratch Ah. it's clever -- like you!