Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nothing but ballet flats this week-so they don't touch my new tattoo


Well right now the work most prominent in my foreground is MIX. We had our first meeting with all the pages printed out on Monday and then the other designers and I had a crunch night that evening to get the style choices all on the same page. So the pages I have done to share right now are a couple of simple department pages but they can show at least the style decisions we have made. I have to say I am happy where it is going. I know there has been frustration between designers and the publishers but overall I have been happy with the process. I just think we had to learn to try and speak the same language. I think it's hard for non-visual people to communicate what they want and it's sometimes like we spoke different languages. But I thought it has been interesting to work with new designers I had never worked with and also with the publishers to all come up with this prototype. Here is a small taste of what I've been doing and where we are headed:
During the rest of this week I will be finishing my MIX feature and last department, so I'll put those up this weekend. My cover group was also supposed to be doing covers this week but the photo editor didn't want to give us the photos she had because she said they weren't cover worthy, so as of now we're on hold.

But the most important this weekend will be my website. I am going to buckle down and completely revamp it. I'm really excited. I feel like I am slowly but surely understanding more of the web and I want it ready and working so I can start sending it out to hopeful employers! Yay!

I got a new tattoo on Monday! I had been wanting to get something in Columbia before I graduate because my time here has been a great time in my life. I feel like I've been doing a lot of self reflection lately because I am about to leave and I have to say college couldn't have gone better. I feel like I succeeded in my collegiate career and had fun at the same time. I fell in love with graphic design and found something that truly makes me happy. I got engaged with the love of my life. I have the best friends a girl could ask for and in the last semester have met and become friends with some other great designers who are about to take over the world this May. 

Well enough of that sappiness! Still have to get through the next four weeks before I can get too sentimental. ha Either way I got a new tattoo by a lovely woman named Roxane and I think it's beautiful. This is a picture from the day I got it. (Oh yeah, explanation, I got engaged at the Blue Note. Get it? Blue Music Note. ha ha)

I found this site that had really great examples of fun and creative Error 404 sites. You know the annoying "site not found" message you get. I am looking for any web inspiration right now because I am trying to do my own website and also have been talking with a friend who wants me to design a website for his custom frame business. Since I feel like I am just learning the web I need all the inspiration I can get. I thought this was a fun way to look at inspiration from a site that you wouldn't even have to put anything on. I thought this one was super cute. Check out the link to see more.
Well, apparently this blog is having technical issues this evening because it won't come up on my computer. I'll keep checking and keep you updated.


  1. I saw your tattoo in class on tuesday and was commenting to myself about how much i love it! Had no idea it was a new one, yay!

  2. Thanks for your nice comments! I've been trying to incorporate more texture into my spreads as well and I think I nailed there!

    It's fun to see how Mix is coming along, since we're similar content and demographic. Mix definitely looks like something I'd read! Love the clean lines in the TOC. Good work!