Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bare feet


1) This week we have been finishing up MIX. YAY!! I have to say I am happy with the finished product. I was more than ready to see it leave my hands after all the hard work we put into it, but I will be excited to see the finished product come back to me. It's pretty amazing to me that Lauren, Aimee and I designed an entire 52 page magazine. I am excited! Here are a couple of the finished pages that I did! 

2) I have also been hard at work at reworking covers for the Art of the Encore feature. We were thrown for a loop when we had no photos in for deadline, but I worked a cover out with a stock image and then made another one once we got the photos in. Meredith had given us the option of choosing covers for different stories, but I stuck with this one because I felt it was the most visually stimulating. Plus I am obsessed with live music, so it inspires me more than a news story about how movies are making lots of money. Here are my redesigns.

3) Also this week I have been working on Art Directing the May 7th pets issue for Vox. We're blowing up the issue into a themed issue and so the feature designer's and I get to completely redesign the whole issue. I think it's going to be a fun piece for me to end my year on. The theme is "Vox Unleashed," and our entire inspiration has come from the idea of being unleashed. I'll put something up once we've worked on it a bit more. We have a little template ready but it still needs a bit of fine tuning. I'm really excited to get to be on the Art Direction side of things. I feel like it's another great experience before I graduate. 

4) Lastly I have been doing my website this week. The server isn't being my friend and I have redesigned it 3 times in 2 days. I got in one of those moods where I hated everything that I was doing. I think I just got so frustrated I wasn't allowing myself to think creatively anymore. I feel like I've crawled out of that rut now spending a day away from it because I had a lot of other things to do today. Tomorrow I will be back at it and hopefully with more success! :0)

I watched SSND judging this week and it was really interesting. It's really fun to hear what professionals have to say about your peers' work. It showed me no detail is too small or too big. Pieces were thrown off of the table for overall macro mistakes and also for the smallest micro mistakes. Although I guess that is to be expected when it's a contest but it just showed me how important it is to make sure and look at the details and the overall larger theme every time. 

I was searching this week for some inspiration for my website and I found a site that listed a ton of sites as the design trends of 2008. They were all different sites made for different reasons and I thought they were fun to look through. It had my favorite feel to it. Check it out and pick out your favs.
Again no new posts. I think we can sufficiently say since I have not seen a new post all semester that this man has given up his blog. Oh well. I went way way back in his blog and found him talking about Bon Apetit's redesign. Because I have been designing for a cooking magazine now for the last semester I have been paying attention to more food magazines and this by far is my absolute favorite! It is quite gorgeous. Look at his cover example. YUMMY! 

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