Wednesday, March 11, 2009

clicking my heels together in preparation for spring break

1. On Monday I met with my Meredith group and we made a schedule for ourselves and divided up the work a bit. We are all going to come up with concepts for our style guide and meet next Monday. I am excited to finally really get my hands on this project. I am also excited because I can tell it's truly all going to be a group effort and the decisions we're making is all together. 

2. We were told on Tuesday that our cover ideas had changed so between yesterday and today I came up with covers for the photo essay about women in stereotypical men's jobs. I have to say I was much more excited about this cover instead of payday loans. I had a really good time designing these covers. Here they are:
I really tried to listen to what Jen and Meredith have been saying in class about covers and how the text needs to be big and bold, the image needs to be eye catching and easy to understand quickly. I hope I achieved that. I think I did, however, I do know I always get an entire new point of view when they get printed out and others look at them. So we'll see tomorrow! 

3. Also this week I worked on logos for the organization "Show Me Dharma." It was the first time I have ever really worked on a logo and I think some of my images and worked and some of my ideas were to involved to work for a logo. I am definitely still learning about how to design a logo. Here are a couple of examples:

In class on Tuesday we talked about our creative process. It was really interesting to hear how everyone comes up with their own ideas. I think what struck a chord with my the most though is when Kristin was talking about over analyzing everything. I do the same thing. Especially with my design work. I am not completely confident yet in my work. I mean I believe I am a designer and I have talent but as far as being completely confident, I am not there yet. Because this is something I am so passionate about, I over analyze it so much. I over analyze what people say about my designs and I go over and over again the decisions I make. Especially during the design process. But like Jan said, how much analyzing is too much? When does it help and when does it become a hindrance? I don't think I know yet. 

I found this series by Matt Siber called floating signs.
I thought it was a really interesting series that made some pretty photos. Also I think it's kind of funny that it puts these normal signs and icons in almost a Godly sight. It gives the companies a different kind of image, that is for sure.
In one of his old posts he talks about the magazine called Remarriage. 

I thought this was interesting 1. because it is such a niche topic but 2. it caught my eye most of all because of the logo. I thought this was a great example of a logo that had played with the type in a fun and smart way. Sometimes I have trouble coming up with subtle and attractive ways to play with type so I like finding fun examples. 


  1. I LOVE your first two cover designs for VOX (especially the first one). I hope the editors are just as excited! I think it's hard to tell sometimes whether our designs will translate into editor language. Good luck!

    Also, floating signs...awesome!

  2. your cover designs were GREAT! I know we were complaining about spending so much time on them..but I really do think you could put these in your portfolio--especially the first two. The compact one is SOOOO clever & the screwdriver one is fun. Great Job, you would have had my vote to win!

  3. your cover designs for the women story are so great! even though the story was changed, these will still be great portfolio pieces. I especially love the one with the compact :) yay for home this weekend!